The Spaceship Company
[Mojave, CA]

October 2019 - Present

Internship: June 2019 -  August 2019

Associate Flight Sciences Engineer

Overview: Aerodynamics, Performance + Handling Qualities
Mission Control Console - Thermal, training. 



Overview: Explore various sectors of Flight Sciences department through slosh CFD, MATLAB, and product development + integration review. Additional responsibilities include Hazard Assessment reports for SpaceShip2 and WhiteKnight2. 

Extra: Aerospace Games team coordinator - woohoo! 

Highlight:  There is a literal SpaceShip in the building....

Florida Polytechnic University 
[Lakeland, FL]
August 2018 - May 2019

Funded by Hinkley Center 

Student Researcher

Overview: Work to provide characterization of the leachate organic matter (LOM) over an extended period with variations in environmental conditions, including rainfall. Remediation studies with complete analytical characterization will demonstrate the difference between conventional remediation techniques and our innovative SCOPES with respect to advanced chemical/photocatalytic oxidation of LOM components. The studies aim to show greater efficiency and a cost reduction compared to competing technologies (e.g. reverse osmosis and algae based membrane bioreactors). They will also provide mechanistic and processing parameters valuable to the stakeholders.

*Material Synthesis Lead & Research Website Coordinator

Highlight:  My co-researchers are so much fun! 

Generation Orbit
Launch Services, Inc. 

[Atlanta, GA]
May - August 2018

Engineering Intern

 Brooke Owens Fellowship host company placement


Responsibilities: Plan and establish a nationwide program plan that increases university accessibility to hypersonic flight conditions and boundary layer testing. Conduct market research and meetings with industry professionals such as business owners and university professors. Calculate rocket vehicle payload constraints for various flight profiles. Organize and edit the GO1 rocket vehicle Payload User Guide & ICD. Participate in Brooke Owens Summit Grand Challenge to mitigate overall effects of orbital debris through technology and policy. 

Highlight: Staying up all night to watch static fire testing of the GO1 EDU!!

*GO1 has been renamed the X-60A

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Exploration and Research Technology Programs - UB-A, Life Sciences

Mentors: Dr. Gioia Massa & Dr. Matthew Mickens


Responsibilities: Conduct daily checks and analysis of experimental crops in EGC environmentally controlled chambers under simulated International Space Station conditions for use in set ups such as NASA Veggie and the Advanced Plant Habitat. Monitor and adjust light intensity measurement in grow

chamber setups using SpectraWiz and spectra-radiometer for optimal plant growth. Gather biomass data prior to chemical sample preparation. Participate in "Brainstorming Innovative Approaches to Food Production through Open Source" and reported findings to attending parties. Complete safety and

assurance courses and Human Innovation Training. Understand control system environments on board the International Space Station and the experimental procedures around them. [June – Aug 2017]

Highlight: Hosting a "Life in Space" session for local scouts at the Astronaut Memorial Foundation and hearing what a typical 3rd grader would want to eat in space :)

Florida Polytechnic University 
[Lakeland, FL]
January - May 2017

Student Researcher

Funded through the NASA Florida Space Research Program

PI: Dr. Robert Austin and Dr. Melba Horton

Responsibilities: Design experimental procedure and conduct background research. Explore radiation resistance potential of Trehalose in sample biological, Tretrahymena, through cell cultures and independent experimental design. Present findings at monthly NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium board meeting in April, 2017

Highlight: Getting (to attempt) to keep living cultures alive!  



AIAA Space Diversity Scholar
Brooke Owens Fellowship
NASA Florida Space Research Grant


  • UN Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) SGx
    - Volunteered as the 2020 Event Speaker Coordinator

  • Brooke Owens Fellowship Social Networking Manager
    - Content creation and brand management for recruitment and awareness of the Brooke Owens Fellowship community. 
    Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

  • Florida Poly/Hinkley Center Research Website
    Manage website details and postings for research professor. 


  • Student Astronaut Challenge Video
    Held by Xploration Station, the Student Astronaut Contest required the production of a video explaining why you'd be a great contender. 
    Video Link

  • NASA Veggie Research Final Presentation
    As a NASA intern, I was tasked with creating a presentation of my research findings for the local team. Export permission received. 

  • Outreach Marketing Poster (Example) 
    From the ASTRO/Explorations V collaboration event. 

  • Event Poster (Example) 
    From a speaker series event hosted by ASTRO at FL Poly.

  • Personal Twitter (@paytonbarnwell)
    Used to communicate STEM/Space topics to various audiences using personal experiences and NASA Socials to gain general interest (and to show that women in STEM can live normal lives!). 



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