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Since receiving my degree in May, it seems that more and more friends + family friends are excited to talk about their daughters interests in STEM and/or space AND I LOVE IT! From wanting to track the ISS over their house to leading their schools robotics team, these students are doing things I never would have thought to do at their age and I couldn't be more excited to see what they chose to do next. Recently, I was able to get my first small plane ride in Mojave, CA while interning at The Spaceship Company and now all I can think about is wanting to fly again. Naturally, I now bring up flying/piloting ideas to literally every person I talk to - especially students - and wanted to make sure I had a decent amount of resources in case one was truly interested in taking to the skies ASAP.

AEROSPACE. TWITTER. ALWAYS. COMES. THROUGH. Thanks to some awesome friends online, I now have a pretty awesome list of scholarships, programs, and grants that students can check out for ways to fuel their flying + aviation fire. Originally I was going to just toss 'em in a Google Doc, but I figured this is just as quick to reference AND I can share it with anyone else interested. I'm sure there are plenty of these online already, but since they were all on a thread, I might as well share - Enjoy :)

1. FAA Aviation Scholarships (thanks, @mike_smayda!) Of course the FAA would have a master list of aviation-related scholarships <insert face-palm emoji here>! These include academic scholarships such as the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and flight training funding opportunities. 2. Epic Flight Academy (courtesy of @BenAdAstra) This aviation scholarship grants $20,000 towards a Private Pilots License to U.S. high school juniors and seniors. Applications are due each year in October. 3. EAA Free Young Eagles Program (I knew you'd have great tips, @RobotMakerGirl!) The Experimental Aircraft Association offers free training and scholarships along with a FREE INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT! Did I mention that the entire program is free and over 2 million students have participated. Participants must be 8-17 years old.

4. Ninety Nines (@KeikoGoblyn, thanks for this and the ones that follow!) Named for the 99 charter members, this International Organization of Women Pilots present the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship of $10,000 each year for college students interested in advanced flight training. They also provide awards for student pilot members + research, too! 5. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Foundation AOPA offers multiple programs that support the advancement of student pilots at every stage of their aviation journey through You Can Fly + the Air Safety Institute. Scholarships are also available.

6. Women in Aviation (@HigherOrbits and @JillRMeyers, thanks!) ) WAI scholarship applications are due in November of each year and you must be a member to apply for scholarships ($45 a year). Scholarships can be found for internships at Delta,, funding for aviation maintenance and PAGES more. Check out your local chapter for additional opportunities!

7. US Air Force Academy (@SeeYouInChurch1 thank ya!) If you happen to live near by the USAFA, it looks like they have tons of STEM outreach lesson and tour opportunities available and wow do I wish I could've gone as a student. Of course, attending the Academy as a student also probably presents some stellar flight opportunities too! 8. Civil Air Patrol (yay, @jhertz72!) Of course the all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary would present neat possibilities through their chapters. Their site is a black-hole of kick-butt information on education, programs, and events. If you're interested, definitely spend some time on this one - orientation flights are free to cadets, too! 9. Brooke Owens Fellowship (oops, it me) I couldn't post about anything even slightly aerospace related without mentioning the Brookie experience. The fellowship doesn't fund pilots licenses, but it does offer paid internships at aviation companies. Feel free to reach out for more info on this. This probably isn't even scratching the surface of what's out there, but I'll add to this as I come across more. Happy flying!

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