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I need more space (in my closet!!!)

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

You may have already heard about the

Old Navy NASA branded clothing scandal

(or probs not bc ???), and while I totally agree that not having women's NASA gear is unacceptable, I don't worry too much because


- WOOHOO! What better way to build your nerdy personal brand than through out-of-this-world outfits?!

This wouldn't even be right if I didn't start the post with the *greatest space shirt ever created*. Starfish Prime Apparel on Etsy has released a collection of space shirts that has recently surpassed the Remove Before Flight key chain as the main identifier of who to be friends with.

Left: Women of Space T-shirt, Right: Diversity in Space T-Shirt

These stylish shirts (only $25!) come in slim fit and unisex sizing, AND all proceeds benefit the Brooke Owens Fellowship. Win-win!

H&M has has a pretty stellar collection of NASA goods lately, by my personal fave is the Reversible Sequins NASA T-Shirt from H&M ($14.99)

meatball on one side, shuttle on the other #lit

... others include - Mars inspired printed NASA Hoodies ($24.99) - Retro Shuttle Sweatshirt ($24.99)

and a TEN DOLLAR NASA Meatball Sweatshirt

Stand-up Collar Sweatshirt $24.99

NastyGal has even gotten into the ~spacey~ spirit with their Supersonic Rocket Ship Pajama Set

These took off in no time! Size 2? You're in luck!

ModCloth is usually on top of the space game and this time of year is no different! Check out the Heart and Solar System A-Line Dress ($79.00) [left] and What the Heart Flaunts Mini A-Line in Planets ($69.00) [right]

Does this automatically make you Miss Universe or???

Although all of these are fab, no one quite gets the space bug for sleepwear like ASOS

ASOS DESIGN space pants set in 100% modal ($45.00)

ASOS also has some of the Vans x Space Voyager collection available RIGHT NOW (in smaller sizes)!

Have small feet? You're in luck!

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